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"SENDAS": Paths for walking and learning together. "Happy trails to you, until, we meet again..."

Many of us discovered the Zapatista pathway (or "senda") at one time or another over the 28 years since Mayan people in Chiapas announced: "¡Ya Basta! Enough is Enough!"

The Mayan Zapatistas' dramatic actions on January 1, 1994, spoke more loudly than their shouts of "Ya Basta" and the endless stream of stories, poems, and essays in many languages that the Zapatistas began sharing via that new and exotic technology called "the internet." It was the first day of the North American Free Trade agreement and the rich and powerful rulers were not at all happy that Indians in Chiapas refused to stay in their place and keep silent.

Today these same Mayan peoples of Chiapas, Mexico are still not behaving, and they continue shout "¡Ya Basta!" as a way to express their dignified rage while inviting indigenous and non-indigenous to join them in constructing a new and better world..

And now we are many. Please join us on this exciting trail (senda) toward a new and better world. We need to construct a world where there's a place for everyone, and where everyone has a dignified place."Todo para todos. Nada para nosotros."

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In Mexican Spanish the word "sendas" means trails or pathways coming together. In today's climate crisis, millions of ordinary people around the planet are now inventing new pathways or sendas on which to celebrate life and to show respect to each other and to our Mother Earth.

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