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So Glad You've Found Our “Climate is Central” Blog!

With this blog, we are responding to the current climate crisis with the same urgency as if our house was on fire; and we invite you to join us by subscribing today!

This blog will introduce you to a diversity of creative and inspiring people, a rainbow of cutting-edge organizations, and exciting “people’ art. At the same time we will provide practical suggestions for getting yourself and your community involved in making changes we need to survive. In addition, we’ll share beautiful’ poetry, outstanding writings, and beautiful music by profound artists. We’ll also hook you up with timely direct actions and resistance demonstrations of indigenous and non-indigenous water protectors.

As the pandemic surges everywhere on the planet, we all know that inequalities in medical care and food distribution have made some super-rich from COVID and left entire nations without hope of justice or health.

In today’s world, every thinking person knows that we’ve got to keep the oil under the soil (where it belongs) and that we’ve got to keep that oil out of our water. Most agree that we also need to plant millions of BIG trees (like Redwoods) to suck carbon out of the sky (or perhaps we need to invent and then build machines which do not yet exist), to clean up the mess our system is making of the planet!

Yet today human in the world is burning over 8.80 million barrels of oil EACH day while the temperature is rising and thousands of plants and animals are going extinct each year. Ancient indigenous languages are also going extinct as ecosystem collapse as vulnerable human populations slide into increasing misery and hunger. Our planet faces a global extinction crisis of plants and animals. Scientists predict that more than 1 million species are on track for extinction in the coming decades.

All of which is to say that we really are in crisis and must take drastic action now!

My name is Peter Brown, and I’ve gotten very old (and perhaps a little wise) teaching public school and engaging in social justice movements since the 1960’s. As many of you know, for the last 20 years I’ve worked closely with the Zapatista movement of Chiapas, Mexico and I’ve remained deeply involved in public school teachers unions. Now, like millions of others I’ve decided that I must do whatever I can, by whatever means necessary, to save Mother Earth. The earth really must come first!

Today, I invite you to join as active participant on this blog as we organize and educate ourselves and our communities as we celebrate life and work to construct a new and better world that will provide sanity, safety, and survival during these hard times of living things everywhere. There must be a place for everyone, and everyone must have a place!

As Zapatista educación promoters (read teachers) teach their students, “Todo para todos, nada para nosotros. Everything for everyone; nothing for ourselves!”


Join us by subscribing today!

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