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A beautiful song in many languages to honor the International Day of the Disappeared

When I listen to this song (I still haven't found what I'm looking for) I always cry!

I cry because I can't stop thinking about the families of the 43 student teachers disappeared from Ayozinapa ~ those brave parents, grandparents, and sibling also still have not found what they are looking for. Then I think of my friend Rosairo Ibarra whose son was disappeared in 1969 by the Mexican army. I also am reminded of the the time that Susan and I spent pulling refugees out of the waters surrounding the Greek Island of lesbos in 2008. Today I'm working with people facing the trauma of migration in the border city of Tijuana. Many of the people living on the streets of Tijuana, face the same horror of having lost a loved one ~ and so the concert again brings tears to my eyes.

The beauty and power of this Playing for Change international concert makes it well worth listening to and sharing with ones you love. Please subscribe in the box below.

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