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Please join the millions of people struggling to save Redwood forests! Your help is needed NOW!

We have come together because we love the trees and we know that 'Water is Life." Please consider joining us today!

As you can see in these photos that we took last week in Mendocino County, California, Redwood forests are excitingly diverse and startlingly beautiful ecosystems.

Individual Redwood trees can live for over 2,000 years, and the forest systems where they have lived and evolved for millions of years are in balance with thousands of plant and animal species.

Despite fire, changing climate, earthquakes, political upheavals, drought, floods, and humans, these giant trees and their forests have survived and thrived on the coast of California for a very long time. But in the 200 years since cowboys and settlers displaced the original indigenous peoples of the Redwood forest, humans have been cutting down the big trees willy-nilly. The enormous economic value of Redwoods has led to unprecedented logging.

To this day, humans continue to cut down the most iconic and economically valuable of the species in the forest ~ the giant Redwoods themselves. As you drive around the roads of Mendocino County, every day one encounters endless numbers of giant trucks hawing massive loads of newly cut timber. And when this keynote species of Redwood trees is eliminated or greatly reduced, the forest itself goes into crisis.

We in the "Ya Basta! Climate is Central" Network are meeting and gathering together friends, family, and allies to join the fight to save the remaining ancient Redwood forests. We are buying and and defending the jigsaw pieces of forested land that will make needed barriers to more clear cutting. We are constructing physical, legal, and biological buffer zones around the oldest trees and the massive water sheds they make possible.

Today we have come together because we love these trees and we because know that 'Water is Life." Please consider joining us!

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