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SENDAS: Trails and pathways coming together in Chiapas, Mexico. Join us!

Today on Sept. 11, 2022 you are invited participate in the first public event of SENDAS. Raul Zibehi will present his new book "Other worlds and Peoples in Movement (in Spanish) beginning at about 5:30 pm tiempo del mal gobierno. SENDAS is the new indigenous arts and photography store, popular meeting building, and autonomous organizing center located in the center of the tourist town of San Cristobal de Las Casas. If your heart is "below and on the left", please join us in heart and mind even if you can't be here with us today in Chiapas. The next time you visit the Mexican southeast, SENDAS will be waiting to receive with open arms! Adelina Flores #50. Happy trails...

Endorsed by the "Ya Basta! Climate is Central" community. Subscriptions available:

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