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We Can’t Let Anne Frank’s Hopes and Dreams Die

by Ernie McCray 

I’m remembering walking up a stairwayin Amsterdam

through narrow doorwayslooking into nooks and crannies

in Anne Frank’s hiding place, an annex attached to a home

where she chronicledin a diarythat stands as a gift to humanity,

the trials and tribulationsof her people,Jews,targeted by an overly maniacal

form of hatet hat wanted themeliminated from the human race,and being an empathizer

by natureI felt overcome with emotionas I strolled through her living space

imagining myselfbeing her, covered in fear,and then amazingly findingi

n me a measure of hopeas she showed

when she wrote:“I have the feeling that friends are on the way,”in reference to hearing the news

that the Allied troopsseemed to be coming throughin her people’s behalf,paving a path for them

to feel safein the world…

But, oh, hatred dies a lingeringlyslow death,like a chicken flappingwith its head cut off,

as today,the loathing of human beingsconnected in any way to Judaism,is an animositythat too many Nazi-minded folks

can’t let go,|compelling them toopenly threatendescendants of Abraham

with death threatsand anti-Jew graffiti,their antisemitic deedsleading tothe closing of Jewish day schools,anxiety for students in Ivy League schools,

Jewish grandmothers and mothersbuying and learning how to shoot guns

to defend themselves againstsuch tyranny,leaving our world society

with a missionof not letting Anne Frank’shopes and dreams die.

Our quest for dignityfor everyone lives on.

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